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Community Resilience and Reliable Energy Feasibility Study for Venus Bay and Tarwin Lower

​Solar energy, batteries, electric vehicles, smart homes, microgrids and virtual power plants are all the buzz words of the energy future, but what about:​

  • Community resilience linked to a reliable energy supply and access to essential services (energy, water, comms)

  • Personal economic benefits of energy affordability

  • Helping shape the future of Venus Bay energy & emergency resilience


In a nutshell, the intent of our project is to: •

  • Define what resilience means for full-time and part-time residents, business owners, community organisations and holiday makers.

  • Explore various energy options that could support our resilience

  • Test which of these options might work in Venus Bay and Tarwin Lower

  • Assess what the best options might cost and where they might be located.

  • Put together a plan that outlines how we could fund and build the best energy options with community values at heart.

There will be two more community workshops.

April 15th

Weigh up the business cases for various energy options

June 24th

and develop a community action plan

The Feasibility Study is looking for input from community members to establish what the community determines as the best solution for the whole of Venus Bay and Tarwin Lower. You can contribute by attending the Community Consultation workshops when you will have the opportunity to discuss the concepts with others and discuss what is important to you.

WHAT DO WE VALUE - Workshop - snapshot from HARVEST REPORT #2

This map was produced from the ideas discussed at two workshop tables - Social networks and Hubs & Clusters. The map illustrates the social networks, connections and relationships that exist between people, groups, organisations and infrastructure. Overlaid on this map are the ideas people had for powering particular buildings or clusters of buildings in local hubs to meet the communities needs during power outages. Further work is needed to discuss this more widely, to test the ideas and explore which sites we might power first if we need to prioritise some before others.

Community Energy Resilience and Reliability Energy updates

Register your name and email if you would like to receive updates about the project and the  opportunities for you to contribute. This project depends on community input and engagement.

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