Solar Panels


Solar energy, batteries, electric vehicles, smart homes, microgrids and virtual power plants are all the buzz words of the energy future, but what about:

  • Resilience linked to reliability and access to essential services (energy, water, comms) and self-sufficiency?

  • Economic benefits – personal benefits via energy affordability & local benefits from community ownership and/or control?

  • Engagement opportunities, being part of the transition?


Heather Smith, Chair of Coalition for Community Energy, joined us on the 6th of May 2021 to talk with our community about the possibilities of community owned energy.


The response from this event was extremely positive and as a result we are currently preparing a plan to continue the momentum and generate a plan for moving forward. If you are interested in assisting us, please get in touch.

Heather has since created a blog page where you can find the presentation documents and interact with the Team about any questions you may have in relation to the information presented.

You can read the information without the need for a log in. If you wish to comment you need to create an account.

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