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VISION – our goal

Venus Bay and district - a strong, healthy, sustainable and connected community.

This is the dynamic reason for our existence. This is the ‘why’ that drives our work.

MISSION – how we will reach our goal

In our rules we have committed to 9 purposes or goals. We believe they will help our community to be stronger, healthier, sustainable and more connected

  • Publish reliable and useful information for the community

  • Generate and support programs and activities for all age groups that connect people and expand their knowledge, imagination, curiosity, skills and experience.

  • Offer services that meet expressed community needs.

  • Strive towards a sustainable community through energy saving, recycling and local food production.

  • Arrange, promote and engage in community discussions about matters that affect the future well-being of the district.

  • Maintain and improve the building and grounds as a safe place for the community.

  • Partner with other organisations and agencies on initiatives designed to strengthen the community.

  • Review and refine our internal processes and policies.

  • Support and value our volunteers and staff.

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