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The Reserves Stewardship project was established 3 years ago as a grass roots response to council land sales. The project enables community members to become stewards of their local reserve or park; neighbours work together to formulate a management plan for the reserve that is suitable to the site. The plan may include planting native vegetation, weeding, slashing long grass to reduce fire hazard, installing seating or just keeping it in its natural state for the abundance of wildlife that share our peninsula.


There are a number of registered groups who currently look after their local reserves; there are a couple of simple steps to take if you want to get some folks together to do same. 

As the first instance, please contact the Centre so we can keep a record of properties that are being managed by community members; we will then ensure you are registered with council as a volunteer and have an agreed management plan. Council officers will let us know when any works/slashing is due to take place so we can exclude those that currently have stewards.


This is a demonstration of a productive partnership with council to preserve the open space our community value. If you live near a reserve and would like to be involved in maintaining it, please contact the Centre to find out how to get started. If you already manage a local reserve, can you please let us know so we have accurate records of the enormous volunteer contribution to look after our reserves.


Volunteers wanted to help erect signs on all the council owned land remaining in Venus Bay district…come into the Centre to find out more.

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